darek kondefer

red tree

Darek Kondefer Red Tree Painting: Contemporary Artwork in a Private Collection | Gallery Curators Showcase Artist's Stunning Image at Art Basel Miami Beach

red tree | acrylic on canvas | 130 ✕ 180 cm | 2023

©darek kondefer. all rights reserved. dkondefer@gmail.com

In 2005, ART COLOGNE underwent a transformation as it took place in the spacious halls 9 and 10 of koelnmesse.

This new architectural design offered several advantages, including wider passages, improved lighting, and a modern infrastructure. The significant enhancements were met with great acclaim by the 260 exhibitors and approximately 72,000 visitors in attendance.

One of the most remarkable innovations introduced during the event was the incorporation of the exhibition concept pioneered by Claudia Neumann and Katrin Luz in the previous year's rheinschau. This concept, now known as OPEN SPACE, featured 50 galleries, each presenting a one-man show. The inclusion of OPEN SPACE garnered widespread applause from attendees, adding a unique and dynamic element to ART COLOGNE.

Among the various special events organized at the exhibition, one that stood out was the 25 sqm curated by Renate Goldmann. This particular exhibition shed light on the sponsorship program for young artists initiated by the federal association of German museums and art dealers (BVDG) and ART COLOGNE between 1980 and 2005. The 25 sqm showcase unearthed remarkable talents such as Rosemarie Trockel, Mischa Kuball, Gregor Schneider, Neo Rauch, Thomas Ruff, Olafur Eliasson, Tracy Emin, and several others. Renate Goldmann skillfully curated this retrospective, creating a compelling journey through artistic discoveries made during the program's existence.

Another significant highlight of the 2005 ART COLOGNE was the recognition of René Block as the recipient of the prestigious ART COLOGNE prize. René Block, a highly respected figure in the art world, was honoured for his outstanding contributions and accomplishments in the field. The ART COLOGNE prize served as a testament to Block's invaluable impact on the contemporary art scene, further solidifying his prominent position in the industry.

Overall, the 2005 edition of ART COLOGNE surpassed expectations and solidified its reputation as a leading contemporary art exhibition. The inclusion of innovative elements such as the OPEN SPACE concept and the retrospective 25 sqm exhibition added depth and diversity to the event, attracting not only a significant number of exhibitors and visitors but also garnering appreciation from art critics, curators, and art enthusiasts alike. The recognition of René Block with the coveted ART COLOGNE prize further exemplified the exhibition's commitment to excellence and its unwavering dedication to promoting and celebrating contemporary art.

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