mystical landscapes

darek kondefer - paintings of contemporary art under the title mystical landscapes

In the forest, logging was being held. Beautiful, old oaks were being cut down. Another tree crumbled down with a great din. On one of the upper branches, a forest worker noticed the remains of a person holding onto the tree, a person shot during the war. Even the remnants of his clothing and weapons could be discerned. The logging took place in 1980s.
(One of the many interesting stories I had heard from inhabitants of Warmia*)

I am not a war survivor, but the topic of war has returned occasionally among my family. I have never been especially interested in it. It was still this way, when I settled in Warmia. Beautiful, ascetic landscapes, harsh climate – as for this latitude, empty houses, ruins of once marvellous palaces. This aspect – the rugged beauty of the Warmian landscape – is one of the layers of my newest painting series.

The most interesting was to come throughout meetings and talks with the native inhabitants of the region (sometimes I get the feeling that those very meetings allowed me to open up to the wartime memories of my own family). At first, those relations were marked by great distrust, which I managed to overcome only after a longer while. Thanks to numerous conversations with those presently living in Warmia, I was finally able to take a broader (or perhaps deeper) look at this land.

Inhabitants of Warmia are mostly people displaced post-war; very rarely one comes across a person who had lived there before the war. In the course of the conversations, I was able to discover that the motives of war, displacement, temporariness are still intense, not only among the elderly. This land been terribly harmed during World War II, and perhaps just as terribly – after the war.

Any monuments, statues and reminders of the German rule on the Masurian land shall be removed radically and irrevocably. They must not remain even despite their artistic, architectural or scientific value. They must vanish irretrievably. Bismarck’s oak and statue of Hindenburg must vanish. Each castle of the Order of the Teutonic Knights must vanish.
Memorial of the Masurian Union addressed to the Polish Committee of National Liberation, 1944**

Pre-war inhabitants fled or were forced to evacuate, while the new ones were often displaced here against their will. The German language was substituted with Polish and Ukraine.

Many of the pre-war villages, houses or parts of towns are no longer existent – only dispersed bricks and old boards remain. I paint on those very boards – the panels embedded with both good and bad experiences of the times gone by.

Many of the present inhabitants of Warmia are rooted in Orthodox, as well as Greek Catholic Church, both of which continue the traditions of iconography on wooden panels. This is another, perhaps the most important reason why I have decided to use old panels to create a visual story about this region – a story, which I personally see as mystical.

*Warmia (Polish: Warmia) or Erm(e)land (German: Ermland) is a historical region in northern Poland. More...

**Wiktor Knercer, “Stosunek państwa i społeczeństwa polskiego do spuścizny kulturowej Warmii i Mazur w pierwszych latach po II wojnie światowej w świetle ówczesnej prasy,” Studia Angerburigca (7) 2002.

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GERMAN: Bruno Brunnet, Nicole Hackert und Philipp Haverkampf - CONTEMPORARY FINE ARTS (CFA), zunächst mit Sitz in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Philipp Haverkampf hat sich nach 17 Jahren bei CFA selbstständig gemacht.. Sarah Douglas ist Chefredakteurin von ARTnews und hat Beiträge für die New York Times, das New York Magazine, den Economist, Flash Art und das National. Essence Harden und Paulina Pobocha kuratieren 2025 Made in L.A. Iwona Blazwick zur Kuratorin der 18. Istanbul Biennale ernannt. Die Vancouver Art Gallery hat bekannt gegeben, dass Eva Respini ihre neue stellvertretende Direktorin und Direktorin für kuratorische Programme wird. Sie wird Diana Freundl ersetzen. Expo Chicago ernennt Amara Antilla und Rosario Güiraldes zu Kuratoren für die Messe 2024. Direktorin des Museums für zeitgenössische Kunst Castello di Rivoli, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. Die Küche ernennt Robyn Farrell zur leitenden Kuratorin. Die Kuratorin und Sammlerin Racquel Chevremont lief zuletzt bei Batsheva Hays New York Fashion Week Show. Die Galeristin Bridget Finn wird zur Direktorin der Art Basel Miami Beach ernannt. Kunsthändler Massimo de Carlo hat Pläne für eine monumentale private Kunststiftung in Italien enthüllt. Kuratorenteam für die Armory Show: Eugenie Tsai, Robyn Farrell und Lauren Cornell. The Shed ernennt Meredith Hodges zur CEO. Der Händler Javier Peres gründete die Galerie Peres Projects im Jahr 2002. Asad Raza kuratiert die internationale Triennale 2025 Front. Die kanadische Kuratorin Nicole Yip wurde zur neuen Direktorin des Spike Island in Bristol, England, ernannt. Zasha Colah kuratiert die Berlin Biennale 2025. Hoor Al Qasimi zum künstlerischen Leiter der sechsten Aichi Triennale ernannt Triennale. Erin Schuppert, Direktorin, Affordable Art Fair New York. Francesco Stocchi zum künstlerischen Leiter ernannt des MAXXI. Kuratoren der 35. Bienal de São Paulo: Hélio Menezes, Grada Kilomba, Diane Lima und Manuel Borja-Villel. Andrea Jahn, die Direktorin des Saarlandmuseums in Saarbrücken, Ostdeutschland Deutschland, sowie Kunst- und Kulturdirektorin der Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz, wird im April abreisen. Tate-Chefkurator Yasufumi Nakamori. Patrick Moore, Direktor des Andy Warhol Museums in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Soho-Galerist Leo Rogath. Das New Yorker Whitney Museum ernennt Meg Onli zur leitenden Kuratorin und befördert Laura Phipps zur stellvertretenden Kuratorin. Nicole Berry wechselt als Senior Director of Donor Engagement an das Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Öffentlicher Kunstfonds ernennt Melanie Kress zur leitenden Kuratorin. Die James Fuentes Gallery, seit langem eine zukunftsweisende Präsenz in der zeitgenössischen Kunst. Kuratorin Allison Glenn. Die Geschäftsführerin von Ben Brown Fine Arts Kunsthändlerin Amanda Hon. Direktorin Art Basel Hongkong Angelle Siyang-Le. Zwirner's LA-Debüt.

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