darek kondefer



It is the end of the world, as we know it — it is time to cross the Styx. We have many obols, but we have no tongue. The ferryman — a possessive old man — cannot find his oar. The boat is gone as well, it rests ashore, broken. We all feel that we must get across to the other side. The City of Dis is there — perhaps it will be our rescue? But how? What for? Perhaps we shall stay right where we are? No!
We must get over there. We have already drunk too much water from the river of sadness. Soon, there will be no room for us here. The boat is the key, but the angel has not sent the instrument. We are left alone, with no faith. The sages suggest boats made of stone. Let us listen to them. We have nothing to lose. In the end, they brought us here, to the shore. The crossing may be possible. From now on, our time will be counted down by floating white poplar leaves.

Gallerist Almine Rech and Paul de Froment / Galeristin Almine Rech und Paul de Froment

Jay Rutland, Creative Director of London’s Maddox Gallery / Jay Rutland, Kreativdirektor der Londoner Galerie Maddox

Jessica Bell Brown Named Contemporary Art Chief at Baltimore Museum of Art / Jessica Bell Brown wird Leiterin für zeitgenössische Kunst am Baltimore Museum of Art

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden has appointed Evelyn C. Hankins as head curator / Das Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden hat Evelyn C. Hankins zur Chefkuratorin ernannt

Joasia Krysa to Curate 2023 Helsinki Biennial / Joasia Krysa kuratiert 2023 die Helsinki Biennale

After Long Negging NFTs, Larry Gagosian Will Now Accept Cyber Money for Art / Nachdem Larry Gagosian lange Zeit NFTs ablehnte, wird er nun Cyber-Geld für Kunst akzeptieren

Moderna Museet Malmö Names Elisabeth Millqvist as Next Director / Moderna Museet Malmö ernennt Elisabeth Millqvist zur nächsten Direktorin