darek kondefer



From the seeds of letters we built our Eden. There we drew the depths of wisdom. In the end, we did demolish the order. Burning ashes of the Pishon river no longer provided crumbs of water in the garden of delights. The golden calf shall exasperate no one. The New shall not come. All the purification ash dried out. It was others who said – let us create the hell of civilization – in the land of Havilah only gold will do. They shall not find the missing letter there, they shall not quench their thirst.

NFT Pioneer Olive Allen Wants to Introduce the Art World to the Metaverse. Her Vision Looks Nothing Like Zuckerberg / NFT-Pionierin Olive Allen will die Kunstwelt in das Metaverse einführen. Ihre Vision sieht anders aus als Zuckerbergs

Ace Gallery Founder Douglas Chrismas / Ace Gallery-Gründer Douglas Chrismas