red tree

What is an individual, a solitary individual, if not a tree that grows without regard for everything it suppresses and breaks, grabbing all the nourishment, air and sun, a being that is fully justified in its nature and its being? What is an individual, if not a usurper?
Emmanuel Levinas, Difficile liberté. Essais sur le judaïsme

Must you stand like this in mourning white? Unshielded, you accept the dry rot of admiration, whereas the east wind incessantly moistens your fear. The cobweb of your roots tied up your happiness. You are still waiting for His breath. The Tent of Meeting will no longer protect you, and you will start to dress in green of the desert sand. His death agony made the metal dry, and seven arms disappeared in the dust of clouds. There is nobody out there.

From the last minute

Enari is a recently established gallery located in the heart of Amsterdam. It has been founded by Paul van Gemen and Christina Voulgari, two renowned individuals in the art industry. The gallery specializes in showcasing modern and contemporary art, including a diverse collection of exquisite paintings. With a focus on fine art, Enari boasts a team of expert curators who carefully curate exhibitions to highlight the best of contemporary artistic expression. Additionally, Enari is privileged to house a remarkable private collection, further enriching the gallery's offerings.

Galerie Boisserée, established in Cologne in 1838, has a fascinating history shaped by its dedicated gallerists. Johannes Schilling, a prominent figure in the art world, inherited the gallery from his father in 1988, eventually becoming its sole owner. The gallery underwent a transformation in 1990, becoming J. & W. Boisserée GmbH, and Johannes Schilling assumed the role of Managing Partner. Another notable curator, Thomas Weber, joined Galerie Boisserée in 1995 and swiftly rose to become a Managing Partner in 1998. The gallery boasts an impressive private collection, showcasing a wide range of contemporary art.

The Art Scene in Greater Miami & Miami Beach

has seen remarkable growth with the emergence of Art Basel Miami Beach in 2002. This event has solidified the area as a premier art destination, with a plethora of incredible artworks showcased in various neighborhoods. Highly esteemed art institutions and private museums have found new homes in areas such as the Miami Design District, Wynwood, and Downtown Miami.

One of the standout cultural institutions in Miami is the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), which relocated to a striking new location in Downtown Miami in 2013. Designed by the renowned Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, the building overlooks Biscayne Bay and features captivating hanging gardens. The museum boasts a remarkable collection of 20th- and 21st-century art that reflects the diverse cultures of Miami, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the African diaspora.

In another cultural hub, the Miami Design District, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA) found a new home in a sleek modern building in December 2017. This gallery showcases a variety of modern art pieces, adding to the vibrant art scene in the area.

Jaski Gallery

Waddington Custot Galleries: Jacob Twyford, Michelle Gower, Nizar Kanji, Florence Ritter-Scott

Josh Lilley Gallery: Joseph Harrison Davies

Galerie Ludorff: Manuel Ludorff

Galerie Max Hetzler

Yield Gallery: David Izzard

Mucciaccia Gallery: Massimiliano Mucciaccia

Red Eight Gallery

Copenhagen Contemporary: Marie Laurberg, Jannie Haagemann, Janna Lund

Sigrid Freundorfer Fine Art: dealer Sigrid Freundorfer

Galerie Fons Welters: Fons Welter, Nick Terra

Silvia Steinek galerie

Galleria Doris Ghetta: Doris Ghetta – Director & Founder, Eleonora Castagna – Director & Partner, Sabine Gamper - curator

193 Gallery: César Levy, Mary-Lou Ngwe-Secke

Zilberman Gallery

Zeno X Gallery: Frank and Eliane Demaegd

FRED&FERRY GALLERY: Frederik Vergaert, Ferry Saris, Eva Dobbels

TORCH Gallery: Mo van der Have, Jorre Both

Galerie Bart: Merel de Kok, Pia Kuik, Bart Hoogwegt

Galerie Barbara von Stechow

Galerie Kremers: Marie Christine Kremers

Galerie Born: Matthias Fuhrmann

Galerie aKonzept: Dr Hermann Braun, Raphaël Lévy

Josilda da Conceição gallery

Galerie Fontana: Stefan Heinis, Joris Montens

Galerie Fleur & Wouter: Fleur Feringa, Wouter van Herwaarden

Franzis Engels gallery

GoMulan Gallery

Upstream Gallery: Nieck De Bruijn, Anne de Jong

Gallery Untitled: Lenny Oosterwijk

Schönfeld Gallery: Elie Schönfeld, Greet Uman


Project 2.0 / Gallery

Kersgallery: Annelien Kers

ROOF-A Gallery: Lobke Broos

Bradwolff & Partners Gallery: Christine van den Bergh

Akinci Gallery Leylâ Akinci, Renan Beunen

Galerie Helder: Frey Feriyanto, Frank Megens

Galerie Ron Mandos: Nick Majoor, Sheila Verdegaal, Lars Been

GNYP Gallery Berlin

ENGLISH: Marc Jancou opening his first gallery in 1991. Von barth gallery founded in 1970 as "Galerie Minimax" by Margareta and Miklos von Barth. Since 2008, the gallery has been managed by Stefan von Barth. Cecilia Alemani Named Curator of 12th SITE Santa Fe International. Galleria Continua was founded in 1990 by Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière, team: François Ceysson, Loïc Bénétière, Bernard Ceysson, Francesca Pessarelli, Maëlle Ebelle, Margaux Niedzielski, Camille Provenzano, Loïc Garrier, Brice Lorthiois, Oscar Villareale, Ivana Garel, Dina Millard, Pierre Collet, Célia Tual, Marie Estienne. Gitte Ørskou will be the new Director of Moderna Museet. The gallery Buchholz was founded in Cologne in 1986 by Daniel Buchholz, and today is run with Christopher Müller. Armory Show Executive Director Nicole Berry. Adrienne Edwards, the curator and director of curatorial affairs at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art. Portuguese contemporary art dealer Duarte Sequeira opens new gallery in Seoul, South Korea. Simon Miccio launched his new gallery in Aspen. Alfred Kornfeld, is the initiator and founder of Galerie Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze is co-founder and artistic director of Galerie Kornfeld, Jane Neal is an independent curator, art critic, Larissa Kikol a freelance art critic. Doris Leo and Jörg Sandau founded the gallery Sandau & Leo in September 2017 in Berlin. Maurin Dietrich, Director, Kunstverein München, Munich. Marie-Anne McQuay to Curate 2025 Liverpool Biennial. Claude Adjil, Curator, Serpentine Galleries & Curator and Producer at Young Turks Records, London. Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany, together with Nadine Zeidler, runs one of Berlin's most modern galleries, Gallery Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.
GERMAN: Marc Jancou eröffnet 1991 seine erste Galerie. Die Galerie von Barth wurde 1970 als "Galerie Minimax" von Margareta und Miklos von Barth gegründet. Seit 2008 wird die Galerie von Stefan von Barth geleitet. Cecilia Alemani zur Kuratorin der 12. SITE Santa Fe International ernannt. Die Galleria Continua wurde 1990 von Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi und Maurizio Rigillo gegründet. Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière, Team: François Ceysson, Loïc Bénétière, Bernard Ceysson, Francesca Pessarelli, Maëlle Ebelle, Margaux Niedzielski, Camille Provenzano, Loïc Garrier, Brice Lorthiois, Oscar Villareale, Ivana Garel, Dina Millard, Pierre Collet, Célia Tual, Marie Estienne. Gitte Ørskou wird die neue Direktorin des Moderna Museet sein. Die Galerie Buchholz wurde 1986 von Daniel Buchholz in Köln gegründet und wird heute zusammen mit Christopher Müller geführt. Armory Show-Geschäftsführerin Nicole Berry. Adrienne Edwards, Kuratorin und Direktorin für kuratorische Angelegenheiten am New Yorker Whitney Museum of American Art. Portugiesischer Händler für zeitgenössische Kunst Duarte Sequeira eröffnet neue Galerie in Seoul, Südkorea. Simon Miccio eröffnete seine neue Galerie in Aspen. Alfred Kornfeld ist der Initiator und Gründer der Galerie Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze ist Mitbegründerin und künstlerische Leiterin der Galerie Kornfeld, Jane Neal ist eine unabhängige Kuratorin und Kunstkritikerin, Larissa Kikol ist eine freiberufliche Kunstkritikerin. Doris Leo und Jörg Sandau gründeten im September 2017 die Galerie Sandau & Leo in Berlin. Maurin Dietrich, Direktor, Kunstverein München, München. Marie-Anne McQuay kuratiert die Liverpool Biennale 2025. Claude Adjil, Kurator, Serpentine Galleries & Kurator und Produzent bei Young Turks Records, London. Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany betreibt zusammen mit Nadine Zeidler eine der modernsten Galerien Berlins, die Galerie Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.

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ArtCurrent news from the fields of art, photography and architecture as well as portraits, interviews, reviews and exhibitions. Including photo galleries. Francis as the first Pope at the Venice Art Biennale 7 images

Venice Art Biennale: Francis is the first Pope to visit the exhibitionThe head of the Church visits the Vatican Pavilion on the Venetian island of Giudecca and warns against the commercialization of art. News

Repressed stories of violence: the artist Sung Tieu oncontract workers in the GDRShe is one of Berlin's most exciting artists and took us on a tour of the ruins of a GDR contract workers' hostel - where she herself grew up. Berlin

Cornelia SchleimeCornelia Schleime is showing 21 new paintings at the 20th Gallery Weekend. "Counter-realities", says the artist, "so as not to go crazy with the ugly truth". Culture

Gallery Weekend Berlin: Spring art market celebrates its 20th birthday, everyone isinvitedClass instead of mass is the motto of Berlin's dealers in this anniversary year. This weekend, the beautiful stroll to art starts again. Berlin

Art exhibition in Berlin: For freedom and against "Cancel Culture"This weekend, the Musikbrauerei is hosting an art exhibition in which the participating artists stand up for freedom in all its forms. Berlin

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Political quake after AKW papers: Why are the Tagesschau andheute-Journal not reporting?Politics

Corinna Harfouch: We shoot from our tanks at everyone who is not in our camp.our campculture

Manslaughter at Charité not an isolated case: "Perpetrators are considered very committed,very empathetic people"Berlin

Reaction to sanctions: Russia confiscates assets frommajor American bankInternational

Aidin Halimi: "Our understanding of integration is a one-way streetone-way street"Culture

You shouldn't miss these exhibitions at the 20th Gallery Weekend Berlinmiss!For the 20th Berlin Gallery Weekend, the city's 55 most important art dealers are showing their best-of until Sunday. Here are our eleven favorites. Berlin

Gallery Weekend: "The quality of art in Berlin is at the top level ofNew York or London"Shortly before Gallery Weekend Berlin, the new director Antonia Ruder explains which route you should take during the art weekend. An interview. BerlinNaked, with bobbed heads and in men's clothes: Modigliani's women at the Barberini in Potsdam

Naked, with bobbed heads and in men's clothing: Modigliani's women at the BarberiniThe Barberini in Potsdam is hosting a retrospective of the most tender women's painter of early modernism: Amedeo Modigliani, an Italian from Paris in Potsdam. The review. CultureBerlin gallery owner Daniel Marzona: his métier was the conceptual and minimalist

Berlin gallery owner Daniel Marzona: His profession was the conceptual and minimalistminimalismThe Berlin gallery owner Daniel Marzona died unexpectedly at the age of 55. He dedicated his life to art. An obituary. CultureFrom Wednesday: Artist combines chemistry and body at Hamburger Bahnhof

From Wednesday: artist combines chemistry and body at Hamburger BahnhofFrom Wednesday, artist Alexandra Pirici will be showing a new installation at Berlin's Hamburger Bahnhof - including music and performance. CultureNew study on trust in troubled times: Museums as secret power centers of society

Trust and power: museums are society's secret powerhousesCultureThe Venice Lions have been awarded: The art biennale honors indigenous artists

The Venice Lions have been awarded: The Biennale honors indigenous artistsCultureNew exhibition in Berlin: Why does Marzahn need a tolerance space?

Tolerance zones that are no longer completely sealed: Does Marzahn need suchexhibitions?Districts

Best ofAnti-Semitism accusations, eviction lawsuit: Neukölln cultural center Oyoun fights against Joe Chialo

This is how Oyoun fights against Joe Chialo: "In a democracy, this must be possible".be possible"The Neukölln cultural center Oyoun should have been gone long ago. But Louna Sbou and Nina Martin are ignoring the eviction notice. Here they explain why. Berlin

So much to do, so little time: why spring in Berlin makes me restlessrestlessThe city has changed, the sadness has disappeared from people's faces. But the change of season also brings up something else in me. A column. Berlin

Ukraine expert Melnyk: The Russians know the Germans far better than the other way roundthe other way aroundUkraine researcher Lyudmyla Melnyk on the situation at the front, domestic political problems and scenarios that could lead to peace. An interview. International

Restaurant Irma La Douce: In the church of the parareligious asparagus cultNew ideas for the white spear vegetable: while asparagus is being rolled into cooked ham everywhere, Irma La Douce has other, more delicious ideas for the white spears. Panorama

The Deutsches Theater delivers colorful novel adaptations in a double packJan-Christoph Gockel condenses the "Schimmelreiter" sequel by Andrea Paluch and Robert Habeck into a picture pops. Bastian Kraft peppers Shaw's "Pygmalion" onto the catwalk. Culture

Aha, class society! "The Marriage of Figaro" at the Komische OperRussian director Kirill Serebrennikov brings Mozart's opera "The Marriage of Figaro" into the present day in a shirt-sleeved manner. You can laugh, but what was the theme again? Culture

Mathias Enard, winner of the Prix Goncourt and the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding, has written a novel about memory and violence. Culture

Cannabis consumption is legal, but how do pubs and restaurants deal with it?Whether a joint can be smoked in a bar depends on the owner's wishes. We asked restaurateurs how they deal with their domiciliary rights. BerlinWhat is the 60th Venice Biennale like? Dance of death and outer space in the German pavilion

Dance of Death and outer space in the German pavilion: What is the 60th Venice Biennale like?Venice Biennale?In Venice, everything revolves around the themes of migration and flight, with a focus on artists from the global South: a gloomy exhibition for a challenging present. CultureThe major exhibition of Caspar David Friedrich at the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin 9 images Video

The major exhibition by Caspar David Friedrich in Berlin: Like a goodpop songThe highlight of this year's Berlin art year is finally opening. Can the painter's first exhibition in the capital live up to expectations? CulturePhoto experiment "Doubleday": Historical and modern views of Berlin - in one picture

Photo experiment: Historical and modern views of Berlin - all in onepictureWith the "Doubleday" experiment, Michael Wesely becomes an urban archaeologist and illusionist. The Museum of Photography in Charlottenburg is showing his double exposures. BerlinNew Berlin Dorotheum boss Joëlle Romba: Today, people collect for lifestyle reasons.

New Berlin Dorotheum boss Joëlle Romba: "Today we collect for lifestyle reasonsJoëlle Romba has been working for the Viennese auction house Dorotheum in Berlin since January. Here she talks about collectors in Berlin and East Germany, bidding wars and her own collection. BerlinAkademie der Künste Berlin: Excursion into the future

Berlin: Excursion into the future with the Akademie der KünsteAt the end of the Meerapfel/Röggla management team's term of office, the academy brings together the various disciplines to imagine utopias. Exhibitions in BerlinBoycott Biennale in Venice? The Israel pavilion remains closed

Boycotting the Venice Biennale? The Israel pavilion remains closedArtist Ruth Patir closes the pavilion in order to bring about a ceasefire in Gaza. Will the world's oldest art exhibition become a boycott biennale? PoliticsBrandenburg: Märkischer Silberhimmel - Impressionists in Neuhardenberg

The silver sky of the Mark Brandenburg: Impressionists in NeuhardenbergObituary of Faith Ringgold - the artist was only celebrated in old age

Only celebrated in old age: On the death of the artist Faith RinggoldMuseum of Modern ArtOtto Nagel: The famous Berlin painter in a portrait of his granddaughter

Otto Nagel: The famous Berlin painter in a portrait of his granddaughterBerlin street art becomes a business: How much can graffiti & co. be commercialized?

The business of Berlin's street art: how much can it becommercialized?BerlinFlorian Illies: The motto "be Berlin" didn't work for Caspar David Friedrich - Interview

Florian Illies: The motto "be Berlin" didn't work for Caspar David Friedrich.workedNevertheless, he would not have become Germany's most popular painter without Berlin. Says bestselling author Florian Illies in an interview. The exhibition of the year opens this week! BerlinCriticism of Berlin's "Golden" Twenties: 100 years ago, New Objectivity showed the "dance on the volcano"

Criticism of Berlin's "Golden" Twenties: 100 years ago, the New ObjectivityObjectivity showed the "dance on the volcano"Museum Neukölln: An installation commemorates the genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama

Museum Neukölln: An installation commemorates the genocide of theOvaherero and NamaBuried memories: Isabel Tueumuna Katjavivi confronts colonial and decolonial perspectives.. Fischer NeuköllnAffordable Art Fair in Berlin: Prices, tickets, opening hours

Art from 100 euros: Affordable Art Fair in BerlinDo you have to be rich to buy a work of art? Not necessarily. At the fair for affordable art, paintings and more are available for as little as 100 euros. Treptow-KöpenickMuseum Hamburger Bahnhof: With Beuys' basalt boulders at a river mouth made of felt and sound

Museum Hamburger Bahnhof: With Beuys' basalt boulders at the mouth of a river made ofFelt and soundIn the Kleihues Hall of the Museum Hamburger Bahnhof, the Beuys collection from the Marx Donation has been rearranged, and the young Israeli Naama Tsabar "sets" this sight to music. BerlinArt from the East now on display in Berlin-Mitte: Herta Günther, the cool observer from Dresden

Now on show in Berlin-Mitte: Herta Günther, the cool observer fromDresdenIn Berlin-Mitte we meet the unforgettable Dresden painter Herta Günther and the quirky Berlin original illustrator and animal lover Arno Mohr. East GermanyHelene Hegemann in an interview: "I think Berlin is the center of the free world" Video

Helene Hegemann in an interview: "I think Berlin is the center of the free world".free world"Helene Hegemann has a new literary show. We spoke to her about the three most beautiful things in life: Reading, writing, snogging. And the Volksbühne. And the AfD. LiteratureJorinde Voigt: Probably Berlin's most enigmatic artist in the Liebermann studio

Jorinde Voigt: Probably Berlin's most enigmatic artist in theLiebermann studioPariser PlatzBärenzwinger in Mitte: Neighborhood meeting starts with coffee, cake and poetry

Coffee, cake and poetry: Bärenzwinger in Mitte launches neighborhood meetingCenterSmac gallery in Berlin-Mitte: Painting with four hands now

Smac Gallery: four-handed painting is now also possible in Berlin-MittePolandBerlin pop stars Peggy Gou and Ólafur Elíasson make common cause: "1+1=11" video

Berlin pop stars Peggy Gou and Ólafur Elíasson join forces:Peggy Gou, the world's most successful Berlin pop musician, threw a party in Berlin's Trauma Bar for the world premiere of her new single. What's going on? MusicMarius Babias from n.b.k.: "We don't want to be politically instrumentalized"

Marius Babias from n.b.k.: "We don't want to be politically instrumentalized".instrumentalized"What to do when exhibitions are canceled for political reasons? The mood in the cultural sector is highly nervous, but the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) is finding solutions. DebateArt on Tour: Painting from Berlin travels through Germany and to Eastern Europe

A lively dead woman: Painting from Berlin travels through Germany and toEastern EuropeWith "Dissonance - Platform Germany (2)", young painting from Berlin travels first to Kiel and later to Bucharest. The rumors of the death of painting were greatly exaggerated. BerlinInstagram illusionist Hugo Suissas transforms reality into art 8 images

Instagram illusionist Hugo Suissas transforms reality into artHe creates images that captivate the viewer. Photo artist Hugo Suissas travels the world with an alert eye. He has also been to Berlin. By Sophie-Marie Schulz BerlinBerlin HKW director Bonaventure Ndikung heads the largest art show in the southern hemisphere

Berlin HKW director Bonaventure Ndikung heads the largest art show in thesouthern hemisphereBonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung has been appointed Chief Curator of the 36th São Paulo Biennial 2025. Culture

Nefertiti: a world star in a glass box for 100 yearsOn April 1, 1924, the enchanting Egyptian became the absolute museum favorite of Berliners. BerlinThe Berlin artist Ólafur Elíasson: From dawn to the blue hour of Romanticism

The Berlin artist Ólafur Elíasson: From the dawn to the blue hour ofRomanticismThe Berlin-based artist-engineer Ólafur Elíasson created the new east choir windows for Greifswald Cathedral as "Moving Light". And thus honors the great son of the Hanseatic city: Caspar David Friedric... BerlinA journey into the art scene of the GDR: Shared art can also be art

A journey into the art scene of the GDR: shared art can also be artBerlin artist Achim Freyer turns 90: Ageless in the wake of painting and the stage

Berlin artist Achim Freyer turns 90: Ageless in the maelstrom of painting andstageBerlinVenice Biennale: Why Russia is letting Bolivia have its pavilion

Venice Biennale: Why Russia is giving Bolivia its pavilionRussiaAlso a builder of Berlin landmarks: On the death of Richard Serra, the art world's great iron bender

Also a builder of Berlin landmarks: On the death of Richard Serra, thegreat iron bender of the art worldHis steel sculptures can be found in many cities around the world. Now the co-designer of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe has died at the age of 85. BerlinSex work at the Gay Museum Berlin: Open your legs and your eyes

Sex work at the Gay Museum Berlin: Open your legs and your eyesFrom ancient times to the present day: prostitution has a long and very exciting history. A team of curators made up exclusively of sex workers has now reappraised it in Berlin. By Sophie-Marie Schulz BerlinBerlin: The subtly subversive art of Oskar Manigk at Galerie Parterre

Berlin in front and the Baltic Sea behind: the subtly subversive art of OskarManigkThe artist Oskar Manigk will soon be celebrating his 90th birthday. He will also receive the Egmont Schaefer Prize for Drawing at Galerie Parterre. BerlinWho has the Berlin "Mona Lisa"?

Who has the Berlin "Mona Lisa"?Apart from Nefertiti, which Berlin museum treasures can compete with Leonardo's "Mona Lisa"? We have asked. Krenzlin BerlinEgg house in Spreepark: see art, smell the past

Art in the egg house: It smells of the pastArtists explored the dilapidated GDR leisure park and brought it back to life to the sound of birdsong. A tour of the listed building. Exhibitions in BerlinHow to rip off Westerners with East German money: Sandra Hüller back in cinemas with German comedy Video

How to rip off Westerners with East German money: Sandra Hüller with German comedycomedy back in theatersIn "Zwei zu eins", a historically authenticated story is told about millions of East German money in storage. Max Riemelt, Ronald Zehrfeld and Ursula Werner also star. Cinema & StreamingExhibition: Sebastian Hosu and his paintings at Duve Berlin

Everything in butter: Sebastian Hosu and his painting on the edge of thethe representableColor magic and figures stretched hard into space: the "Starcatcher" by the Romanian Leipzig artist-by-choice in Berlin. BerlinWulf Herzogenrath on his eightieth birthday: He knows them all, the great artists of this world

Wulf Herzogenrath on his eightieth birthday: He knows them all, the great artists of this worldof this worldBerlinPilecki Institute: Women's suffrage existed earlier in Poland than in Germany

Pilecki Institute: Women's suffrage existed earlier in Poland than in GermanyEuropeToday at the Neue Nationalgalerie: Artists with a live broadcast

Today at the Neue Nationalgalerie: artists with a live showPankowRediscovered: The lost original from Jürgen Wittdorf's GDR cycle "Youth and Sport"

Rediscovered: The lost original from Jürgen Wittdorf's GDR cycleThe popular graphic series "Youth and Sport" by Berlin artist Jürgen Wittdorf is once again complete. Thanks to a surprising find, the series can now be exhibited together in Friedrichshain. BerlinExplosions of form and color in Charlottenburg: The work of Israeli dance pioneer Noa Eshkol

Explosions of form and color in Charlottenburg: the work of Israeli dance pioneerdance pioneer Noa EshkolThe Georg-Kolbe-Museum in Berlin is showing a retrospective of the Israeli artist Noa Eshkol, which can also be seen as a commentary on the war in Gaza. DistrictsBerlin-Mitte: "Baumschule Kulturforum" begins second year with short film

Tree nursery Kulturforum: Film about living and treesThe green installation at the Kulturforum starts its spring program with the short film "Wood for the Trees". FacebookBanksy work turned up in London? New graffito in front of tree causes uproar

New work by Banksy? Graffito causes an uproar in LondonIs it a real Banksy that appeared overnight on the wall of a house in London? One expert is certain: the painting fulfills all the typical characteristics of the famous anonymous artist. LondonBerlin-Pankow: Artspring Festival seeks entries for film program

Pankow: Artspring Festival is looking for films and videosThis year's festival has launched an open call for film and video contributions that deal with the topic of "W_nde(n)". BerlinAnnie Leibovitz: Star photographer portrays people worldwide for Ikea - also in Berlin Video

Star photographer Annie Leibovitz portrays people around the world for Ikea - includingin BerlinAnnie Leibovitz has photographed people at home for the furniture store Ikea. One picture was taken in Berlin and tells us a lot about the city and the world we live in. BerlinExample Leipzig: Art in architecture from the GDR is in demand again

Example Leipzig: Art on buildings from the GDR is in demand againIn the GDR, public buildings were always decorated with works of art. In the meantime, awareness of this art has grown again, not only in Saxony. BerlinUlrich Baehr's picture cycle "Visiting Russian Living Rooms": A cruel fairy tale?

Ulrich Baehr's picture cycle "Visiting Russian living rooms": A cruel fairy tale?fairy tale?PoliticsForecast Festival in Berlin: Flight is a trauma that is inherited

The Forecast Festival at Radialsystem: Flight is a trauma that is inheritedis inheritedBerlinVan Gogh, Merkel, Morrissey: Berlin artist Knetkowski brings masterpieces to life with children's modeling clay

Van Gogh, Merkel, Morrissey: Berlin artist Knetkowski brings masterpieces to lifemasterpieces to life with play doughExhibitions in BerlinAnnual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects: The best that has been built in Berlin

Annual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects: The best built in Berlinbuilt in BerlinThe 25th annual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects "da! Architecture in and from Berlin" is the city's unofficial building exhibition. Hoffmann BerlinOstkreuz photographer: Sebastian Wells explores the connection between nationalism and identity 7 images

Ostkreuz photographer: Sebastian Wells explores the connection betweennationalism and identityPhotographer Sebastian Wells is exhibiting a long-standing project at Haus am Kleistpark in Berlin. In "Typ/Traube/Tross", he traces national images of meaning and illusion. By Sophie-Marie Schulz BerlinEurope's young planners present their visions for Berlin at the AIV Schinkel Competition

Schöner Saustall: Europe's young planners show their visions for BerlinWhat could the Berlin of the future look like? Architects, engineers and artists provide some radical answers. Hoffmann BerlinAcademy of Arts: Simone Fattal receives the Grand Art Prize Berlin 2024

Akademie der Künste: Simone Fattal receives the Grand Art Prize Berlin 2024Monday is the day again: the Akademie der Künste in Berlin-Mitte is awarding its annual art prize. These people will be honored. BerlinBerlin artist Carolin Günther provokes with images of meat

provokes with brutal imagesMeat consumption and factory farming - vegan Carolin Günther turns these topics into art. Her exhibition in Weißensee disturbs and inspires. Leister Berlin

Exhibition "Black in Berlin": Photographer Yero Adugna Eticha fights againstracismPhotographer Yero Adugna Eticha wants to make black communities more visible through his pictures. His portraits show strength above all. BerlinExhibition in Berlin: Ukrainian Lada Nakonechna - Exploding clouds over a devastated country

The Ukrainian artist Lada Nakonechna: Exploding clouds over adevastated landLada Nakonechna calls her pictures "Under the Earth" and she knows that art is not a weapon that defeats the criminal Putin. But she shows the grimace of war. BerlinAkira Toriyama is dead: creator of "Dragon Ball" dead at 68

Creator of manga series "Dragon Ball": Akira Toriyama is deadMangaArt guerrilla in Berlin: A tank barrier next to the Neue Nationalgalerie

Art guerrilla: A tank barrier next to the Neue NationalgalerieBerlinPigcasso is dead: She was the most successful non-human artist in the world

Pigcasso is dead: she was the most successful non-human artist in theworldExhibitions in Berlin