red tree

What is an individual, a solitary individual, if not a tree that grows without regard for everything it suppresses and breaks, grabbing all the nourishment, air and sun, a being that is fully justified in its nature and its being? What is an individual, if not a usurper?
Emmanuel Levinas, Difficile liberté. Essais sur le judaïsme

Must you stand like this in mourning white? Unshielded, you accept the dry rot of admiration, whereas the east wind incessantly moistens your fear. The cobweb of your roots tied up your happiness. You are still waiting for His breath. The Tent of Meeting will no longer protect you, and you will start to dress in green of the desert sand. His death agony made the metal dry, and seven arms disappeared in the dust of clouds. There is nobody out there.

From the last minute

Enari is a recently established gallery located in the heart of Amsterdam. It has been founded by Paul van Gemen and Christina Voulgari, two renowned individuals in the art industry. The gallery specializes in showcasing modern and contemporary art, including a diverse collection of exquisite paintings. With a focus on fine art, Enari boasts a team of expert curators who carefully curate exhibitions to highlight the best of contemporary artistic expression. Additionally, Enari is privileged to house a remarkable private collection, further enriching the gallery's offerings.

Galerie Boisserée, established in Cologne in 1838, has a fascinating history shaped by its dedicated gallerists. Johannes Schilling, a prominent figure in the art world, inherited the gallery from his father in 1988, eventually becoming its sole owner. The gallery underwent a transformation in 1990, becoming J. & W. Boisserée GmbH, and Johannes Schilling assumed the role of Managing Partner. Another notable curator, Thomas Weber, joined Galerie Boisserée in 1995 and swiftly rose to become a Managing Partner in 1998. The gallery boasts an impressive private collection, showcasing a wide range of contemporary art.

Artexpo New York 2024

In addition to showcasing extraordinary fine art, the four-day event will offer a comprehensive fine art experience for all attendees, featuring seminars, live demonstrations, and various other activities. Organized by the esteemed Redwood Media Group, Artexpo New York is an annual juried art show that has grown in prominence and exhibitor count over the years. The upcoming edition will feature over 400 exhibitors, presenting a diverse range of original prints, drawings, sculpture, paintings, giclee, photography, lithographs, ceramics, glasswork, and more. With participation from numerous publishers, artists, and gallery owners from around the world, this is an event not to be missed.

Artexpo New York this year will showcase a variety of shows all housed together, each with their own unique purpose and recognizable style. The main event is Artexpo, the renowned fine art trade show. Additionally, there is the [SOLO] exhibition, which is focused on emerging artists, as well as [FOTO SOLO], dedicated solely to art photography. A noteworthy feature of this year's edition is the Topics & Trends Education Program. This program will offer four days of complimentary seminars and conference classes led by experts in various fields such as art and economy, design and décor trends, small business management, art marketing, and social media for artists, among others.

Artexpo 2024 will feature a diverse range of exhibitors including Gebhardt Gallery from the USA, Anna Art Publishing from Canada, Ronen Art Vision and Hussein Madi Art from Lebanon, The Gallery Steiner from Austria, Samir Sammoun Gallery from Canada, Mecenavie Gallery from France, JBIS Contemporary Fine Art from the USA and Netherlands, Renssen Art Gallery from the Netherlands, and Christy Bomb Art from the USA.

Jaski Gallery

Waddington Custot Galleries: Jacob Twyford, Michelle Gower, Nizar Kanji, Florence Ritter-Scott

Josh Lilley Gallery: Joseph Harrison Davies

Galerie Ludorff: Manuel Ludorff

Galerie Max Hetzler

Yield Gallery: David Izzard

Mucciaccia Gallery: Massimiliano Mucciaccia

Red Eight Gallery

Copenhagen Contemporary: Marie Laurberg, Jannie Haagemann, Janna Lund

Sigrid Freundorfer Fine Art: dealer Sigrid Freundorfer

Galerie Fons Welters: Fons Welter, Nick Terra

Silvia Steinek galerie

Galleria Doris Ghetta: Doris Ghetta – Director & Founder, Eleonora Castagna – Director & Partner, Sabine Gamper - curator

193 Gallery: César Levy, Mary-Lou Ngwe-Secke

Zilberman Gallery

Zeno X Gallery: Frank and Eliane Demaegd

FRED&FERRY GALLERY: Frederik Vergaert, Ferry Saris, Eva Dobbels

TORCH Gallery: Mo van der Have, Jorre Both

Galerie Bart: Merel de Kok, Pia Kuik, Bart Hoogwegt

Galerie Barbara von Stechow

Galerie Kremers: Marie Christine Kremers

Galerie Born: Matthias Fuhrmann

Galerie aKonzept: Dr Hermann Braun, Raphaël Lévy

Josilda da Conceição gallery

Galerie Fontana: Stefan Heinis, Joris Montens

Galerie Fleur & Wouter: Fleur Feringa, Wouter van Herwaarden

Franzis Engels gallery

GoMulan Gallery

Upstream Gallery: Nieck De Bruijn, Anne de Jong

Gallery Untitled: Lenny Oosterwijk

Schönfeld Gallery: Elie Schönfeld, Greet Uman


Project 2.0 / Gallery

Kersgallery: Annelien Kers

ROOF-A Gallery: Lobke Broos

Bradwolff & Partners Gallery: Christine van den Bergh

Akinci Gallery Leylâ Akinci, Renan Beunen

Galerie Helder: Frey Feriyanto, Frank Megens

Galerie Ron Mandos: Nick Majoor, Sheila Verdegaal, Lars Been

GNYP Gallery Berlin

ENGLISH: Marc Jancou opening his first gallery in 1991. Von barth gallery founded in 1970 as "Galerie Minimax" by Margareta and Miklos von Barth. Since 2008, the gallery has been managed by Stefan von Barth. Cecilia Alemani Named Curator of 12th SITE Santa Fe International. Galleria Continua was founded in 1990 by Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière, team: François Ceysson, Loïc Bénétière, Bernard Ceysson, Francesca Pessarelli, Maëlle Ebelle, Margaux Niedzielski, Camille Provenzano, Loïc Garrier, Brice Lorthiois, Oscar Villareale, Ivana Garel, Dina Millard, Pierre Collet, Célia Tual, Marie Estienne. Gitte Ørskou will be the new Director of Moderna Museet. The gallery Buchholz was founded in Cologne in 1986 by Daniel Buchholz, and today is run with Christopher Müller. Armory Show Executive Director Nicole Berry. Adrienne Edwards, the curator and director of curatorial affairs at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art. Portuguese contemporary art dealer Duarte Sequeira opens new gallery in Seoul, South Korea. Simon Miccio launched his new gallery in Aspen. Alfred Kornfeld, is the initiator and founder of Galerie Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze is co-founder and artistic director of Galerie Kornfeld, Jane Neal is an independent curator, art critic, Larissa Kikol a freelance art critic. Doris Leo and Jörg Sandau founded the gallery Sandau & Leo in September 2017 in Berlin. Maurin Dietrich, Director, Kunstverein München, Munich. Marie-Anne McQuay to Curate 2025 Liverpool Biennial. Claude Adjil, Curator, Serpentine Galleries & Curator and Producer at Young Turks Records, London. Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany, together with Nadine Zeidler, runs one of Berlin's most modern galleries, Gallery Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.
GERMAN: Marc Jancou eröffnet 1991 seine erste Galerie. Die Galerie von Barth wurde 1970 als "Galerie Minimax" von Margareta und Miklos von Barth gegründet. Seit 2008 wird die Galerie von Stefan von Barth geleitet. Cecilia Alemani zur Kuratorin der 12. SITE Santa Fe International ernannt. Die Galleria Continua wurde 1990 von Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi und Maurizio Rigillo gegründet. Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière, Team: François Ceysson, Loïc Bénétière, Bernard Ceysson, Francesca Pessarelli, Maëlle Ebelle, Margaux Niedzielski, Camille Provenzano, Loïc Garrier, Brice Lorthiois, Oscar Villareale, Ivana Garel, Dina Millard, Pierre Collet, Célia Tual, Marie Estienne. Gitte Ørskou wird die neue Direktorin des Moderna Museet sein. Die Galerie Buchholz wurde 1986 von Daniel Buchholz in Köln gegründet und wird heute zusammen mit Christopher Müller geführt. Armory Show-Geschäftsführerin Nicole Berry. Adrienne Edwards, Kuratorin und Direktorin für kuratorische Angelegenheiten am New Yorker Whitney Museum of American Art. Portugiesischer Händler für zeitgenössische Kunst Duarte Sequeira eröffnet neue Galerie in Seoul, Südkorea. Simon Miccio eröffnete seine neue Galerie in Aspen. Alfred Kornfeld ist der Initiator und Gründer der Galerie Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze ist Mitbegründerin und künstlerische Leiterin der Galerie Kornfeld, Jane Neal ist eine unabhängige Kuratorin und Kunstkritikerin, Larissa Kikol ist eine freiberufliche Kunstkritikerin. Doris Leo und Jörg Sandau gründeten im September 2017 die Galerie Sandau & Leo in Berlin. Maurin Dietrich, Direktor, Kunstverein München, München. Marie-Anne McQuay kuratiert die Liverpool Biennale 2025. Claude Adjil, Kurator, Serpentine Galleries & Kurator und Produzent bei Young Turks Records, London. Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany betreibt zusammen mit Nadine Zeidler eine der modernsten Galerien Berlins, die Galerie Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.

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ArtCurrent news from the fields of art, photography and architecture as well as portraits, interviews, reviews and exhibitions. Including photo galleries. Berlin artist Achim Freyer turns 90: Ageless in the wake of painting and the stage

Berlin artist Achim Freyer turns 90: Ageless in the maelstrom of painting andstageWe congratulate the Berlin stage designer, opera director and passionate painter Achim Freyer on his 90th birthday. Where can you admire his art now? Culture

Venice Biennale: Why Russia is giving Bolivia its pavilionBehind the seemingly magnanimous gesture is an obvious power-political calculation. Russia is keen on a special raw material from Bolivia. Culture

Also a builder of Berlin landmarks: On the death of Richard Serra, thegreat iron bender of the art worldHis steel sculptures can be found in many cities around the world. Now the co-designer of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe has died at the age of 85. Culture

Sex work at the Gay Museum Berlin: Open your legs and your eyesFrom ancient times to the present day: prostitution has a long and very exciting history. A team of curators made up exclusively of sex workers has now reappraised it in Berlin. By Sophie-Marie Schulz Culture

Berlin in front and the Baltic Sea behind: the subtly subversive art of OskarManigkThe artist Oskar Manigk will soon be celebrating his 90th birthday. He will also receive the Egmont Schaefer Prize for Drawing at Galerie Parterre. Culture

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Berlin imam Seyran Ates: Antonio Rüdiger deliberately stages himself as anIslamistCulture

Nine more refugee camps in East Berlin: Lichtenberg mayor callsplan "unacceptable"Berlin

The Netflix series "Crooks" is the better "4 Blocks"Culture

RKI protocols should have consequences - first and foremost for journalismCorona

Serious accident on A9 with Flixbus from Berlin: several dead, 20 injuredThe news

Who has the Berlin "Mona Lisa"?Apart from Nefertiti, which Berlin museum treasures can compete with Leonardo's "Mona Lisa"? We have asked. Krenzlin Berlin

Art in the egg house: It smells of the pastArtists explored the dilapidated GDR leisure park and brought it back to life to the sound of birdsong. A tour of the listed building. Berlin

How to rip off Westerners with East German money: Sandra Hüller with German comedycomedy back in theatersIn "Zwei zu eins", a historically authenticated story is told about millions of East German money in storage. Max Riemelt, Ronald Zehrfeld and Ursula Werner also star. Culture

Everything in butter: Sebastian Hosu and his painting on the edge of thethe representableColor magic and figures stretched hard into space: the "Starcatcher" by the Romanian Leipzig artist-by-choice in Berlin. Culture

Wulf Herzogenrath on his eightieth birthday: He knows them all, the great artists of this worldof this worldWulf Herzogenrath, connoisseur, curator, museum man and patron, turns 80. Culture

Pilecki Institute: Women's suffrage existed earlier in Poland than in GermanyWomen were allowed to vote in Poland as early as 1918. France only followed suit in 1946. The "Doubly Free" exhibition celebrates female resistance. Culture

Today at the Neue Nationalgalerie: artist with live broadcastThe conceptual artist and sculptor Wilhelm Klotzek, also a professor at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, is on show at the Neue Nationalgalerie this evening. Pankow

Rediscovered: The lost original from Jürgen Wittdorf's GDR cycleThe popular graphic series "Youth and Sport" by Berlin artist Jürgen Wittdorf is once again complete. Thanks to a surprising find, the series can now be exhibited together in Friedrichshain. Culture

Best ofParkinson's: How a Berliner dares to try an individual cure

Can Parkinson's be stopped? This Berliner starts the experiment on his own bodybodyBerlin

Medvedev: How a great friend of the West became a tragic figure in the Kremlinbecame

Hurdles for migrant teachers in Berlin: "If we win, this country wins toocountry wins too"Berlin


House of One: Costs are rising, construction in Berlin has stalledBerlin

Protest against high heating costs: Deutsche Wohnen admits the next mistakeBerlin

Gaza Stripculture

House ban for right-wing extremist employees? Lawyer warns against plan byBundestag PresidentPolitics

Explosions of form and color in Charlottenburg: the work of Israeli dance pioneerdance pioneer Noa EshkolThe Georg-Kolbe-Museum in Berlin is showing a retrospective of the Israeli artist Noa Eshkol, which can also be seen as a commentary on the war in Gaza. Culture

Tree nursery Kulturforum: Film about living and treesThe green installation at the Kulturforum starts its spring program with the short film "Wood for the Trees". Center

New work by Banksy? Graffito causes an uproar in LondonIs it a real Banksy that appeared overnight on a house wall in London? One expert is certain: the painting fulfills all the typical characteristics of the famous anonymous artist. Culture

Pankow: Artspring Festival is looking for films and videosThis year's festival has launched an open call for film and video contributions that deal with the topic of "W_nde(n)". Pankow

Star photographer Annie Leibovitz portrays people around the world for Ikea - includingin BerlinAnnie Leibovitz has photographed people at home for the furniture store Ikea. One picture was taken in Berlin and tells us a lot about the city and the world we live in. Culture

Example Leipzig: Art on buildings from the GDR is in demand againIn the GDR, public buildings were always decorated with works of art. In the meantime, awareness of this art has grown again, not only in Saxony. Berlin

Ulrich Baehr's picture cycle "Visiting Russian living rooms": a cruel fairy tale?fairy tale?Ulrich Baehr's pictures provide an insight into the abyss of a Russian history of horror and tyranny from Ivan the Terrible to Stalin and Putin. Russia

The Forecast Festival at Radialsystem: Flight is a trauma that is inheritedis inheritedWith experienced mentors, artists from all over the world have developed projects that they are now presenting in Berlin at the Forecast Festival. Berlin

Van Gogh, Merkel, Morrissey: Berlin artist Knetkowski brings masterpieces to lifemasterpieces to life with play doughThanks to the artist Knetkowski, figures from famous paintings come to life in three dimensions. It's like meeting old friends. A visit to the kitchen studio in Prenzlauer Berg. Pankow

Annual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects: The best built in Berlinbuilt in BerlinThe 25th annual exhibition of the Berlin Chamber of Architects "da! Architecture in and from Berlin" is the city's unofficial building exhibition. Hoffmann Berlin

Ostkreuz photographer: Sebastian Wells explores the connection betweennationalism and identityPhotographer Sebastian Wells is exhibiting a long-standing project at Haus am Kleistpark in Berlin. In "Typ/Traube/Tross", he traces national images of meaning and illusion. By Sophie-Marie Schulz Berlin

Schöner Saustall: Europe's young planners show their visions for BerlinWhat could the Berlin of the future look like? Architects, engineers and artists provide some radical answers. Hoffmann Berlin

Akademie der Künste: Simone Fattal receives the Grand Art Prize Berlin 2024Monday is the day again: the Akademie der Künste in Berlin-Mitte is awarding its annual art prize. These people will be honored. Berlin

provokes with brutal imagesMeat consumption and factory farming - vegan Carolin Günther turns these topics into art. Her exhibition in Weißensee disturbs and inspires. Leister Berlin

Exhibition "Black in Berlin": Photographer Yero Adugna Eticha fights againstracismPhotographer Yero Adugna Eticha wants to make black communities more visible through his pictures. Above all, his portraits show strength. Berlin

The Ukrainian artist Lada Nakonechna: Exploding clouds over adevastated landLada Nakonechna calls her pictures "Under the Earth" and she knows that art is not a weapon that defeats the criminal Putin. But she shows the grimace of war. Ukraine

Creator of manga series "Dragon Ball": Akira Toriyama is deadAkira Toriyama created the manga series "Dragon Ball" in the early 80s. Now the Japanese illustrator has died at the age of 68. Manga

Art guerrilla: A tank barrier next to the Neue NationalgalerieThe guerrilla action for peace by Berlin artist Dafne B is not at all amusing for the Nationalgalerie. Will the steel sculpture really be destroyed? Berlin

Pigcasso is dead: she was the most successful non-human artist in theworldPigcasso, a sow, created works of art worth a total of over one million euros. Now she has died at the age of eight in Franschhoek, South Africa. Exhibitions in Berlin

Berlin artist Tina Schwichtenberg turns 80: Unwinding landscapesand rebellious LPG carts

New director at the Martin-Gropius-Bau: Why Jenny Schlenzka is the right person for the jobAfter more than 20 years in New York, she is taking over one of Berlin's most important art institutions. Now Jenny Schlenzka is making a promising first impression. Berlin

Threatened gallery in Berlin: Such small art venues must survive!

Documenta and the GDR: Good art is created in freedom, bad art in dictatorships -according to the Western viewWhen the world was still simple: historian Alexia Pooth describes the development of the world art exhibition Documenta as a counter-design to official art in the GDR. Exhibitions in Berlin

Shortened opening hours: How the cost-cutting hammer is hitting Berlin's museumsTight budgets and rising costs are forcing Berlin's museums to introduce unpopular opening hours. Events are not affected, but what's next? A commentary. Debate

Tony Cragg's "A Head I Though" in Berlin-Mitte: primeval forms of life intechno-skinSculptures by British sculptor and Wuppertal resident Tony Cragg are now on display at the Buchmann Gallery in Berlin. Emotion, poetry, philosophy. And a critique of the times. Center

Bruderland has burned down: A revisit to the "internationalSolidarity" of the GDRAn ambivalent exhibition about foreign contract workers, students and political migrants in East Germany begins at the House of World Cultures with "Echoes of the Brother Countries". Berlin

Angels in the server room: Berlin artist Hortensia Mi Kafchin paintsmodern fairy talesThe Berliner-by-choice met Albrecht Dürer and his "Melencolia" from 1514 in her studio. Emotional worlds between cheerful and grotesque Berlin

On the death of type artist Ruth Wolf-RehfeldtThe Berliner Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt used her Erika typewriter to clack word formations onto paper. She was only discovered late in life and has now died at the age of 92. People

BiennaleThousands of artists are demanding that Israel should not be allowed to have a national pavilion at the world's largest and oldest art exhibition. The choice of words is drastic. Berlin

Fabian Knecht collects the material for his art on battlefields in theUkraineArtist Fabian Knecht swaps German army camouflage nets for self-knotted ones from Ukraine. His art can currently also be seen in Berlin. Berlin

Galerie Parterre: This exhibition can be seen until March 17The exhibition "Do You Guys Ever Think About Dying?" awaits visitors to Galerie Parterre in Prenzlauer Berg until mid-March. Pankow

In the maelstrom of images: The iconic GDR fashion photography of Roger MelisHis portraits are iconic: Wolf Biermann, Katharina Thalbach, Günter Grass. But Roger Melis was also a gifted fashion photographer. A volume finally shows these pictures. Krenzlin Style

Looted goods from China in German museums: embarrassing facts come to lightThe "Boxerloot!" workshop searches for traces of Chinese art treasures. How much looted property is in German collections? Representatives from the Palace Museum in Beijing have their say.-Tkalec Debate

Beeskow art archive: GDR history, seen with a "silver eye"The Ostkreuz photographer Sibylle Fendt woke portfolios of well-known female artists from a long sleep in the Beeskow art archive "Museum Utopie und Alltag". Berlin

Moon landing: "Nova-C" apparently tipped over, art by Jeff Koons lies belowFirst private moon landing: "Nova-C" has touched down on the Earth's satellite and is active. However, the device does not appear to be perfectly positioned on the surface. Technology

Kyiv Perennial in Berlin: "Making politics with art and science"There is an extraordinary exhibition at several locations in Berlin about the horrors of the Russian war against Ukraine. And about the power of evidence. Berlin

Berlin photographer Wolfgang Tillmans makes political techno track: "We AreNot Going Back"Renowned Berlin photographer Wolfgang Tillmans sees civil rights being called into question in many places. His new technoid track fights back against nostalgia. People

The dream of "Berlin by the sea"Werner Heldt, Berlin's great post-war Antifa painter and his near-namesake Burkhard Held at the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank. Berlin

Berlin would be inconceivable without her: a ninetieth birthday for the enabler Nele HertlingThe curator, artistic director and Berlin Jew Nele Hertling is celebrated with the Theater Prize of the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung. What a biography! Theater

Brücke Museum in Berlin named "Museum of the Year"The Brücke Expressionist Museum in Dahlem has just been named "Museum of the Year". What makes Director Lisa Marei Schmidt and her team so outstanding? Berlin

India's Rohini Devasher is Deutsche Bank's "Artist of the Year"The painter and graphic artist from Delhi creates works at the interface of science, art and philosophy. India

The Savoy method: How a Berlin scientist influenced politicsinfluenced politicsBénédicte Savoy is considered a luminary in the field of looted art. Journalist Patrick Bahners has now taken a closer look at her politicized scholarship. Berlin

Berlin that has disappearedJürgen Baldiga was the great photographer in Berlin during the AIDS era. In the Berlinale documentary "Unsecured Heart", we also get to know him as a writer and a hustler. Berlinale

Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof: art lights up the soulA light show by artist James Turrell is running in the chapel of the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof cemetery in Mitte. It does something to you. Mitte

Previously lost sculpture by Constantin Brancusi exhibited in BucharestThe bust "Portrait d'Achille Baldé" was the last that Brancusi created in the style of Rodin. The work did not appear in Paris until 2023. Style

If you want to understand the Internet, then visit this BerlinexhibitionA mini-biennial can be seen at KW on Auguststraße: about Bitcoin, surveillance, QAnon and artificial intelligence. Wonderfully apocalyptic. Technology

Sharon Stone in Mitte: The actress shows her paintings in BerlinThe Hollywood star has been painting for years and critics and buyers are enthusiastic. Now her works can be seen for the first time in Europe, in Berlin's Auguststraße. People

From wire to steel - Hans Uhlmann, the Berlin artist-engineerHe was one of the great post-war avant-gardists with a utopian vision. The Berlinische Galerie now tells the story of the charismatic sculptor's life and work. Berlin

Saved from Putin's missiles: Old Masters from Odessa in the BerlinPicture GalleryBerlin's Gemäldegalerie gives asylum to Ukrainian art treasures, restores paintings from the Odessa Museum - and shows them to the world. Now the "prelude" and even bigger in 2025. Berlin

Berlin Parochial Church in Mitte: Twelve hopeful scenes that wedesperately needResurrection instead of suffering: the Parochialkirche in Mitte is the stage for twelve reincarnation versions by Berlin painters until Pentecost. Just the right thing. Mitte

Palestine protests at Hannah Arendt reading: artist probably invited troublemakers herselfherselfProtesters broke up the 100-hour reading event at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Now organizer Tania Bruguera is asking what the problem is. Some of the disruptors apparently came at her request. Debate

If something happens to Julian Assange, a Russian wants to destroy art worth 40million dollarsArtist Andrei Molodkin takes art hostage in a spectacular action. He threatens to destroy Picassos and Rembrandts. Help also comes from Berlin. Berlin

Museum director Florence Thurmes: The shift to the right cannot be reduced toEast GermanyFlorence Thurmes from Luxembourg has been head of the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz since January. Her predecessor was beaten up by right-wing youths. Why she wanted the job anyway. Europe

Co-founder of Viennese Actionism: artist Günter Brus has diedCrossing boundaries was his program: Günter Brus once offended the public with disgusting actions. He was later highly celebrated. By dpaBLZ Exhibition

Antje Majewski's road movie with AI: The ancestor in the MidwestThe artist travels back in time to the USA and reconstructs the adventurous life of her ancestor who emigrated 173 years ago. Berlin

A portrait of choreographer William Forsythe: In search of the black holesholesFor 50 years, dance legend William Forsythe has been reinventing what ballet, the body and time can be. Now the Staatsballett is showing three pieces from his great oeuvre. A bow. Berlin

Karl Horst Hödicke was the father of West Berlin's "Junge Wilden": AobituaryThe neo-expressionist had only just had two major exhibitions. Now he has died at the age of 85. What was special about him, what remains? Berlin

Concrete factory noise in Mies van der Rohe's glass hallLucy Raven's video installation "Ready Mix" at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin poses provocative questions about the nearby construction pit of "berlin modern". Berlin

swastikaIn the Berlin Kupferstichkabinett, works of modern art tell of the courage of museum man Willy Kurth. In 1937, he hid "degenerate" graphic art from the Nazi iconoclasm. Berlin

GDR painter Lutz Brandt is dead: Berlin's firewalls and house walls bear hishis "accents"The facade painter Lutz Brandt has died. He left us wonderful accents in the Berlin cityscape, East and West. An obituary for someone who loved it big. Berlin