red tree

What is an individual, a solitary individual, if not a tree that grows without regard for everything it suppresses and breaks, grabbing all the nourishment, air and sun, a being that is fully justified in its nature and its being? What is an individual, if not a usurper?
Emmanuel Levinas, Difficile liberté. Essais sur le judaïsme

Must you stand like this in mourning white? Unshielded, you accept the dry rot of admiration, whereas the east wind incessantly moistens your fear. The cobweb of your roots tied up your happiness. You are still waiting for His breath. The Tent of Meeting will no longer protect you, and you will start to dress in green of the desert sand. His death agony made the metal dry, and seven arms disappeared in the dust of clouds. There is nobody out there.

From the last minute

Enari is a recently established gallery located in the heart of Amsterdam. It has been founded by Paul van Gemen and Christina Voulgari, two renowned individuals in the art industry. The gallery specializes in showcasing modern and contemporary art, including a diverse collection of exquisite paintings. With a focus on fine art, Enari boasts a team of expert curators who carefully curate exhibitions to highlight the best of contemporary artistic expression. Additionally, Enari is privileged to house a remarkable private collection, further enriching the gallery's offerings.

Galerie Boisserée, established in Cologne in 1838, has a fascinating history shaped by its dedicated gallerists. Johannes Schilling, a prominent figure in the art world, inherited the gallery from his father in 1988, eventually becoming its sole owner. The gallery underwent a transformation in 1990, becoming J. & W. Boisserée GmbH, and Johannes Schilling assumed the role of Managing Partner. Another notable curator, Thomas Weber, joined Galerie Boisserée in 1995 and swiftly rose to become a Managing Partner in 1998. The gallery boasts an impressive private collection, showcasing a wide range of contemporary art.

Artexpo New York 2024

In addition to showcasing extraordinary fine art, the four-day event will offer a comprehensive fine art experience for all attendees, featuring seminars, live demonstrations, and various other activities. Organized by the esteemed Redwood Media Group, Artexpo New York is an annual juried art show that has grown in prominence and exhibitor count over the years. The upcoming edition will feature over 400 exhibitors, presenting a diverse range of original prints, drawings, sculpture, paintings, giclee, photography, lithographs, ceramics, glasswork, and more. With participation from numerous publishers, artists, and gallery owners from around the world, this is an event not to be missed.

Artexpo New York this year will showcase a variety of shows all housed together, each with their own unique purpose and recognizable style. The main event is Artexpo, the renowned fine art trade show. Additionally, there is the [SOLO] exhibition, which is focused on emerging artists, as well as [FOTO SOLO], dedicated solely to art photography. A noteworthy feature of this year's edition is the Topics & Trends Education Program. This program will offer four days of complimentary seminars and conference classes led by experts in various fields such as art and economy, design and décor trends, small business management, art marketing, and social media for artists, among others.

Artexpo 2024 will feature a diverse range of exhibitors including Gebhardt Gallery from the USA, Anna Art Publishing from Canada, Ronen Art Vision and Hussein Madi Art from Lebanon, The Gallery Steiner from Austria, Samir Sammoun Gallery from Canada, Mecenavie Gallery from France, JBIS Contemporary Fine Art from the USA and Netherlands, Renssen Art Gallery from the Netherlands, and Christy Bomb Art from the USA.

Jaski Gallery

Waddington Custot Galleries: Jacob Twyford, Michelle Gower, Nizar Kanji, Florence Ritter-Scott

Josh Lilley Gallery: Joseph Harrison Davies

Galerie Ludorff: Manuel Ludorff

Galerie Max Hetzler

Yield Gallery: David Izzard

Mucciaccia Gallery: Massimiliano Mucciaccia

Red Eight Gallery

Copenhagen Contemporary: Marie Laurberg, Jannie Haagemann, Janna Lund

Sigrid Freundorfer Fine Art: dealer Sigrid Freundorfer

Galerie Fons Welters: Fons Welter, Nick Terra

Silvia Steinek galerie

Galleria Doris Ghetta: Doris Ghetta – Director & Founder, Eleonora Castagna – Director & Partner, Sabine Gamper - curator

193 Gallery: César Levy, Mary-Lou Ngwe-Secke

Zilberman Gallery

Zeno X Gallery: Frank and Eliane Demaegd

FRED&FERRY GALLERY: Frederik Vergaert, Ferry Saris, Eva Dobbels

TORCH Gallery: Mo van der Have, Jorre Both

Galerie Bart: Merel de Kok, Pia Kuik, Bart Hoogwegt

Galerie Barbara von Stechow

Galerie Kremers: Marie Christine Kremers

Galerie Born: Matthias Fuhrmann

Galerie aKonzept: Dr Hermann Braun, Raphaël Lévy

Josilda da Conceição gallery

Galerie Fontana: Stefan Heinis, Joris Montens

Galerie Fleur & Wouter: Fleur Feringa, Wouter van Herwaarden

Franzis Engels gallery

GoMulan Gallery

Upstream Gallery: Nieck De Bruijn, Anne de Jong

Gallery Untitled: Lenny Oosterwijk

Schönfeld Gallery: Elie Schönfeld, Greet Uman


Project 2.0 / Gallery

Kersgallery: Annelien Kers

ROOF-A Gallery: Lobke Broos

Bradwolff & Partners Gallery: Christine van den Bergh

Akinci Gallery Leylâ Akinci, Renan Beunen

Galerie Helder: Frey Feriyanto, Frank Megens

Galerie Ron Mandos: Nick Majoor, Sheila Verdegaal, Lars Been

GNYP Gallery Berlin

ENGLISH: Marc Jancou opening his first gallery in 1991. Von barth gallery founded in 1970 as "Galerie Minimax" by Margareta and Miklos von Barth. Since 2008, the gallery has been managed by Stefan von Barth. Cecilia Alemani Named Curator of 12th SITE Santa Fe International. Galleria Continua was founded in 1990 by Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière, team: François Ceysson, Loïc Bénétière, Bernard Ceysson, Francesca Pessarelli, Maëlle Ebelle, Margaux Niedzielski, Camille Provenzano, Loïc Garrier, Brice Lorthiois, Oscar Villareale, Ivana Garel, Dina Millard, Pierre Collet, Célia Tual, Marie Estienne. Gitte Ørskou will be the new Director of Moderna Museet. The gallery Buchholz was founded in Cologne in 1986 by Daniel Buchholz, and today is run with Christopher Müller. Armory Show Executive Director Nicole Berry. Adrienne Edwards, the curator and director of curatorial affairs at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art. Portuguese contemporary art dealer Duarte Sequeira opens new gallery in Seoul, South Korea. Simon Miccio launched his new gallery in Aspen. Alfred Kornfeld, is the initiator and founder of Galerie Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze is co-founder and artistic director of Galerie Kornfeld, Jane Neal is an independent curator, art critic, Larissa Kikol a freelance art critic. Doris Leo and Jörg Sandau founded the gallery Sandau & Leo in September 2017 in Berlin. Maurin Dietrich, Director, Kunstverein München, Munich. Marie-Anne McQuay to Curate 2025 Liverpool Biennial. Claude Adjil, Curator, Serpentine Galleries & Curator and Producer at Young Turks Records, London. Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany, together with Nadine Zeidler, runs one of Berlin's most modern galleries, Gallery Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.
GERMAN: Marc Jancou eröffnet 1991 seine erste Galerie. Die Galerie von Barth wurde 1970 als "Galerie Minimax" von Margareta und Miklos von Barth gegründet. Seit 2008 wird die Galerie von Stefan von Barth geleitet. Cecilia Alemani zur Kuratorin der 12. SITE Santa Fe International ernannt. Die Galleria Continua wurde 1990 von Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi und Maurizio Rigillo gegründet. Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière, Team: François Ceysson, Loïc Bénétière, Bernard Ceysson, Francesca Pessarelli, Maëlle Ebelle, Margaux Niedzielski, Camille Provenzano, Loïc Garrier, Brice Lorthiois, Oscar Villareale, Ivana Garel, Dina Millard, Pierre Collet, Célia Tual, Marie Estienne. Gitte Ørskou wird die neue Direktorin des Moderna Museet sein. Die Galerie Buchholz wurde 1986 von Daniel Buchholz in Köln gegründet und wird heute zusammen mit Christopher Müller geführt. Armory Show-Geschäftsführerin Nicole Berry. Adrienne Edwards, Kuratorin und Direktorin für kuratorische Angelegenheiten am New Yorker Whitney Museum of American Art. Portugiesischer Händler für zeitgenössische Kunst Duarte Sequeira eröffnet neue Galerie in Seoul, Südkorea. Simon Miccio eröffnete seine neue Galerie in Aspen. Alfred Kornfeld ist der Initiator und Gründer der Galerie Kornfeld, Mamuka Bliadze ist Mitbegründerin und künstlerische Leiterin der Galerie Kornfeld, Jane Neal ist eine unabhängige Kuratorin und Kunstkritikerin, Larissa Kikol ist eine freiberufliche Kunstkritikerin. Doris Leo und Jörg Sandau gründeten im September 2017 die Galerie Sandau & Leo in Berlin. Maurin Dietrich, Direktor, Kunstverein München, München. Marie-Anne McQuay kuratiert die Liverpool Biennale 2025. Claude Adjil, Kurator, Serpentine Galleries & Kurator und Produzent bei Young Turks Records, London. Amadeo Kraupa-Tuskany betreibt zusammen mit Nadine Zeidler eine der modernsten Galerien Berlins, die Galerie Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler.

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