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MALBA Names Gabriela Rangel Artistic Director

Barnes Foundation Names Valerie Gay as Deputy Director for Audience Engagement and Chief Experience Officer

Richard Gray Gallery Names Anastasia Karpova Tinari as Director

New Art Dealers Alliance to Stage NADA House on Governors Island During Frieze New York

T. Barton Thurber Named Director of Vassar College’s Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center

We Don’t Want Dirty Money: Decolonize This Place Protests Warren B. Kanders at Whitney Again, This Time in Warhol Retrospective

Monika Szewczyk, Documenta 14 Curatorial Team Member, Named Director of De Appel Center in Amsterdam

Anna Katherine Brodbeck Promoted to Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at Dallas Museum of Art

J. Tomilson Hill Added to Guggenheim Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Lehmann Maupin Gallery to Open London Office, with Isabella Kairis Icoz as Senior Director

Ralph Rugoff’s Curatorial Vision and Artist List

From the White Glove Auction of George Michael’s Collection to the Death of Beloved Curator Okwui Enwezor

Defne Ayas, Natasha Ginwala to Curate 2020 Gwangju Biennale

Gabriele and Goswin Mallinckrodt has helped forge the careers of many young artists

Onassis Foundation USA Names Vallejo Gantner as Artistic and Executive Director

RxArt Adds Nancy Olnick and TJ Parker to Board of Directors

Cleveland Museum of Art Names Emily Liebert Curator of Contemporary Art

New School’s Vera List Center Appoints Eriola Pira as Curator

Armory Show Awards Prizes to Charlie James Gallery, Ryan Gander and Lisson Gallery, Kapwani Kiwanga

Taipei Biennial Names Bruno Latour and Martin Guinard-Terrin Curators for 2020 Edition

Modern and contemporary art expert Honor Westmacott

Completely Booked: All 50,000 Reservations for Brant Foundation’s Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition Are Gone

In Wake of Volta Cancellation, Exhibitors to Show Work at David Zwirner, Art on Paper

Rita Gonzalez Appointed Head of LACMA’s Contemporary Art Department

New York collector, curator and director of Team Gallery, Todd von Ammon

Philippe Vergne Named Director of Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Portugal

Emma Son Named Senior Director of Lehmann Maupin Seoul

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Adds A.C. Hudgins, Kellie Jones, Glenn Lowry to Board

Nicole R. Myers Appointed Senior Curator of European Art at Dallas Museum of Art

Marianne Boesky Gallery Names Stephanie Gabriel Director

the gallery’s founder and director, Tim Van Laere

Brad Pitt Taken By Ecstatic VIPs at Frieze Los Angeles

Mega-Collector Dean Valentine Ahead of the Opening of His Debut Art Fair, Felix

Fabled New York Art Dealer Mary Boone Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Tax Fraud

Souls Grown Deep Foundation Names Paris-Based Raina Lampkins-Fielder as Curator, to Expand Reach Abroad

Dallas Contemporary Names Laurie Ann Farrell Senior Curator

Liverpool Biennial Names Fatos Üstek Director

How Do Dealers Really Feel About the Future of the Art Business? Gallerist Elizabeth Dee Plots the Way Forward

Accused of Data Theft, Former Lehmann Maupin Director Bona Yoo Fires Back With Her Own Lawsuit Against the Gallery

Lisson Gallery Gains an Edge With a New Shanghai Gallery as Western Dealers Rush Into China

Gallery Director Amrita Dhillon is an Indian artist living and working in Berlin

Christie’s Wants You to Have Faith in Singer George Michael’s Collection of YBA Art, Going to Auction in London Next Month

Marian Goodman Gallery Hires Museum Vet Philipp Kaiser

Heineken Awarded an Artist $100,000.

Tate Americas Foundation Appoints Catherine Carver Dunn Executive Director

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung to Curate 2020 Edition of Sonsbeek

MoMA Gets $200 Million From David Rockefeller Estate—Double Its Previous Donation Record

Shanghai Collector Budi Tek Explains His Bold Vision

Guillaume Kientz Named Curator of European Art at Kimbell Art Museum

Nato Thompson Returns to Seattle Art Fair as Artistic Director of 2019 Edition

Ramiken Gallery Wins Armory Show’s Inaugural Gramercy International Prize

David Zwirner Books Teams Up With Publishing Giant Simon & Schuster to Distribute Its Books in North America

Aspen Art Museum Appoints Max Weintraub Senior Curator

Following Change in Leadership, Museum of Arts and Design Chief Curator Shannon R. Stratton Resigns

Art Critic Mary Louise Schumacher Exits Journal Sentinel

Hayley Haldeman Named Interim Executive Director of Mattress Factory

Blaffer Art Museum in Houston Names Steven Matijcio Director and Chief Curator

Expo Chicago Appoints Jacob Fabricius as Curator of 2019 In/Situ Program

Colette Tornier the Grenoble-born-and-based collector is as vivacious as she is unaffected about her Contemporary art collection, which, to date, spans over 850 works

Mika Rottenberg Heads to Hauser & Wirth

Phillips Appoints Takako Nagasawa as Senior Vice President and International Specialist

Zoé Whitley Named Senior Curator of Hayward Gallery in London

Jacopo Crivelli Visconti to Curate 2020 Bienal de São Paulo

Sarah Watson Joins Kayne Griffin Corcoran as President

Museum of Arts and Design Appoints Andrew Blauvelt and John Underkoffler as Curators at Large

Bronx Museum Names Carey Lovelace as 2019 Gala Honoree

Hauser & Wirth Now Reps Foundation for Estates of Max Bill and Georges Vantongerloo

Collector Jorge M. Pérez Is Offering Lucky Miami-Based Artists a Total of $75,000 to Spend on Anything They Want

Renos Xippas and Albert Baronian to Open Gallery in Brussels

A McJesus Sculpture Has Provoked Violent Protests in Israel—and Both the Demonstrators and the Artist Want It Taken Down

Thomas Dane Gallery Taps New York Dealer Simon Preston to Be Consultant

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Appoints Kyu Jin Hwang as Associate Director for Asia

David Voyles Named Deputy Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Front International Names Prem Krishnamurthy and Tina Kukielski Artistic Directors of 2021 Edition

Curator Anuradha Vikram Chronicles Her Path Through L.A.’s Diversifying Art Scene

Sean Kelly Gallery Names Four New Partners