dove of peace

Are you afraid? Yes! Armed emissaries of the murdered mercy have won. No, you will not fly away having your wings torn. They will turn you into a golden image, and the tears that are being shed will be forgotten. Peace will not come, the sound of rams’ horns is the voice of the lord, and purple likes spilled red: of women, men, the aged. Children, too, are guilty!

The world of brightness has been walled up. A sea of ash is extinguishing solitary sparks. A wall of lead will surround your body. It will flood over your torn wings, eyes… Are you afraid? Yes!

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Merve Elveren to Receive ICI’s 2018 Gerrit Lansing Independent Vision Curatorial Award

Peggy Cooper Cafritz Bequeaths Major Collection to Harlem’s Studio Museum

Maria Seferian Elected Board Chair of LA MOCA

Francis Bacon from S.I. Newhouse Collection Will Be Sold at Christie’s in November, Estimated at $14 M. to $18 M.

Judith O’Toole Will Be Acting Director of Mattress Factory

Newark Museum Names Linda Harrison Director

Art Dubai has named Chloe Vaitsou as its international director

MOCA Los Angeles’s New Board Chair Is Maria Seferian, 10-Year Veteran at the Museum

Andy Warhol Foundation Board Names Julián Zugazagoitia Chair, Adds Three Members

Maya Allison of NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery

A Self-Destructing Banksy Adds Rare Drama to Sotheby’s $91.5 Million Contemporary Art Sales in London

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Even as Brexit Looms, Galleries Notch Sales on Frieze London’s Opening Day

This summer, gallerist David Killen lucked out and found six paintings by Willem de Kooning in a storage locker. Those will be going up for auction this fall, first on October 14 at his gallery, and apparently, he has no clue where to start on how much to sell them for

Getty Foundation Director Deborah Marrow to Retire in 2018

Christie’s London Kicks Off the Frieze Week Auctions With a Tempered—and Very Brit-Centric—$161 Million Contemporary Sale

Storefront for Art and Architecture Appoints José Esparza Chong Cuy as Executive Director and Chief Curator

Frieze Masters Opens With Moderate Sales and an Opportunity for Dealers to Play

Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev Accuses Sotheby’s of Price Inflation in a $380 Million Suit

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Documenta 14 Participants Address Killing of LGBTQI+ Activist in Open Letters to Greek Leaders

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Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Hires Rachel Adams as Chief Curator and Director of Programs

The Bronx Museum of the Arts plans to open a 4,500-square-foot space in Lower Manhattan next year.

Sotheby's will sell four Jean-Michel Basquiat works at its contemporary evening auction in New York on November 14

Gillmeier Rech in Berlin will close after five years, and Exile gallery is leaving the German capital for Vienna. Founder and director of Exile, Christian Siekmeier, said of the city's art landscape, Berlin might be oversaturated and overfed

From Pierce Brosnan’s Seven-Figure Art Sale to the Loss of ‘LOVE’ Artist Robert Indiana: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

Amid Debate Over MOCA’s Future, Director Philippe Vergne Will Depart From the Museum

‘Again and Against: From the Collection of Contemporary Art’ at Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg

Anna Rosa Thomae founded A R T, a communication and branding consultancy for art, design and architecture

Jordan Peterson, the Controversial Pro-Male Philosopher, Says He Hates Postmodern Art. But He Secretly Loves It!

Pamela Franks Named Director of Williams College Museum of Art

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Collector and Business Magnate Adrian Cheng on His Ambitious Art and Real-Estate Plans

Gerhard Richter Is Selling Over $1 Million of His Art to Help Build 100 Houses for the Homeless

Are Auction Guarantees the New Private Sales? Yes, for Art Buyers Who Don’t Want to Get Ripped Off

Kunsthalle Wien’s Director Will Resign Due to Austria’s Nationalist ‘Resurgence’

‘Dallas’ Star Patrick Duffy Is Selling His Collection of Classic American Art

Naima J. Keith and Diana Nawi to Curate Prospect.5 in New Orleans

Collector Grażyna Kulczyk to Open New Experimental Arts Space in the Swiss Alps

Chicago’s Monique Meloche Gallery Will Move to City’s West Town Arts District

Naima J. Keith and Diana Nawi Will Organize Prospect.5 in New Orleans

Embattled Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Plans to Relaunch His Career as an Art Dealer

Zeitz Museum Director Mark Coetzee Resigns Following Inquiry Into ‘Professional Conduct’

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